Maestro Alpha Hardware Setup

Initial setup

Putting on Maestro Alpha

  1. Plug Male micro-USB connector into the back of Maestro’s forearm housing.
  2. Attach battery supply holster to your waist, with the power cord attached to the batteries in the holster.
  3. Slide hand through forearm straps, without putting the glove on your hand yet. Make sure the forearm housing is sitting flat on the top side of your forearm.
  4. Plug the power cord into the back of Maestro.
  5. Put on the glove by opening from the palm side leather and sliding your hand inside, then give each finger cap a very slight tug to allow enough flexibility while fitting each finger into the appropriate finger sleeve until your fingertips are snugly inside their respective finger cap.
  6. Tighten the 1 front strap followed by the 2 back straps on the forearm housing until the unit is comfortably firm and snug against your arm.

Taking off Maestro Alpha

  1. Loosen the three forearm straps.
  2. Gently tug on each finger cap to allow your finger to exit the cap.
  3. Pull from the palm side leather to remove your palm.
  4. Remove your thumb from inside; if needed, hold on to the finger cap to allow for a less resistant removal.
  5. Once your thumb and palm are outside of the gloves fabric portion, slightly pull on the four remaining finger caps while sliding each finger out.
  6. With your hand fully removed from the fabric portion of the glove you can unplug both the power and USB cords from the back of the Maestro, if needed.
  7. Hold on to the top of the housing as you pull your arm and hand out of the forearm straps.

Tips for optimal calibration

Starting with a high quality calibration is key to getting good results while using Maestro Alpha. For calibration step visuals, see here.

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