Maestro Setup for Valve Index Controllers


If you are using a wired Maestro device, see this guide for our recommendations for wiring to your headset.


  1. For easier overall setup, use the following instructions to first place the Maestro gloves on and adjust for proper fit before putting on and adjusting the headset.
  2. Connect Power Cords to fully charged batteries and slide batteries into battery pouch with cord hanging out.
  3. Securely close the battery pouch via Velcro.
  4. Plug the micro-USB into the back of each glove housing.
  5. Loosen Valve Index controllers by pressing the button and pulling the strap away from the controllers center.

  6. Slide right hand into the sleeve of the Right Maestro glove until each finger is properly aligned within its respective portion of the glove. Make sure each finger cap is tightly snug within the tip of the finger. This is critical for properly feeling the finger-tip based haptics.
  7. Pull tab of the strap tight until the strap is tight and the housing feels secure on the top of your arm.
  8. Pull the tab down and secure via Velcro.

  9. Plug the second end of the Maestro USB Cable into a free port on the USB Splitter on the headset.
  10. Slide Valve Index Controllers onto hand until fabric is comfortably on the back of your hand.
  11. Pull cord to tighten controllers
    • A snug fit will allow you to open your fingers off of the controller and it will remain firmly attached to your hand.
  12. Repeat steps 5-11 with the Left Maestro glove.
  13. Power on each respective Valve Index controller.
  14. After securely putting on both Maestro gloves, plug the Power Cords into the back of each glove’s housing.
  15. Place the headset on your head.
  16. Once done with experience, gloves can be taken off by:
    • Unplugging the Power Cords.
    • Taking off and setting down the Valve Index Controllers by pressing the button and loosening the cord.
    • Undoing the glove armband Velcro strap.
    • Pulling on the fingertips to remove the glove entirely.

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